Mid Eye (only)   



Side Burns        




Full Face



Pigment Correcting Facial

Soin White Bio-Active

Reduces intensity of dark spots, lightens & brightens the skin.

75 minutes  $99

Packages are available for all facials

Buy 4/Get 1 free​ 

Please call or come in to purchase any of our packages. There are no expiration dates on usage.   

Oxygenating Facial

Reviderm Soin Energie Vitale

Pamper your skin with a deep cleansing, skin rejuvenating facial that will leave your skin radiant and healthy looking.  This is an oxygenating, anti-pollutant, detoxifying, and repairing treatment.

45-50 minutes  $69


Japanese for "Universal Life Energy".  Through focused light touch your therapist will channel Reiki energy to promote internal healing, balance, and relaxation. Reiki promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, as well as healing. Most Reiki sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes.

Session  $90

Prenatal Massage

This is a deeply soothing massage designed for women past their 14th week of pregnancy.  This comforting therapy works to increase circulation, decrease swelling, and ease the body tensions associated with pregnancy. Massage during the first trimester is contraindicated.

​50 Minutes $69

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Allow all the tension in the body to be swept away while experiencing the peace and tranquility of total relaxation. Swedish Massage is a relaxing, yet invigorating treatment using broad flowing strokes with mild to moderate pressure.  

50 minutes $69 / 80 Minute $89

What we do....


Multivitamin Anti-Aging Facial

​Soin Multi-Vita​ 

Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Face-firming, Eye & Lip contour, neck, and all mature skin.  90 minutes​  $95

Packages are available for all massages

Buy 4/Get 1 free​ 

Please call or come in to purchase any of our packages. There are no expiration dates on usage.   

Blackhead/Acne Face and Back Care Facial
​​Soin Anti-Comedons​​

Fights against Demodex mites that cause blackheads, acne & rosacea.

75 minutes​  $85

Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage​​

​Warm Himalayan salt stones are used to relax tired muscles while gently exfoliating the skin.  The salt stones leave behind much needed minerals to nourish the skin.  This is a relaxing luxurious treatment.  Pamper yourself today.

85 Minutes $115















Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Simple and pain-free, non-surgical skin refinishing procedure.  

Reduces pore size, evens skin tone and texture, diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. $79

Introductory Facial

New guests can experience the healing and rejuvenating effects of our Phyt's Reviderm Soin Energie Vitale Oxigenating Face Care treatment for the low introductory offer of $59.  This offer is valid for guests experiencing their first facial treatment with us.

45-50 minutes $59

Facials and Skin Care

Our staff of highly trained licensed professionals provide quality therapeutic facials and skin care. We offer a variety of relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing treatments. To ensure our clients experience the best possible treatment we have chosen to use Phyt's all-organic skin care products. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the barrier between you and the rest of the world.  A healthy you begins with healthy rejuvenated skin.  We believe in an over-all holistic approach with health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul. 

Introductory Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is only available to our first time guests. This is a modified hot stone treatment designed to allow our first time massage guests to experience the luxurious relaxing and healing effects of a Hot Stone Massage. Your therapist will use warm basalt stones to apply stress relieving heat to tired muscles.  This is a soothing and relaxing heat treatment.

50 Minutes $89

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This is a therapeutic treatment designed to relieve the pain and fatigue of overworked muscles. This treatment relieves muscle tension and increases circulation, bringing healing blood flow to the overworked muscles.  Although the pressure is typically firmer than that of Swedish Massage, allowing the therapists hands to sink deeper into the muscle, she will always work within your tolerance to ensure optimal comfort and healing.

​50 minutes $69 / 80 minutes $89

Therapeutic Massage

Our staff of highly-trained licensed professionals provide quality relaxing and therapeutic massages for you.  We believe in an over-all holistic approach with health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul. 


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Waxing Packages   
​                          Bikini Line     Full Bikini    Brazilian

Buy 4 + 1 Free      $140                 $180               $196


Hot Stone Massage

Warmed Basalt stones are used to ease muscle tension and help you reach a deep level of relaxation.  Experience the healing efects of a hot stone massage.

75 Minutes $105

Phyt's Sublim Eyes Treatment

​​Targets dark circles, puffiness, dehydration, loss of firmness, and signs of fatigue. Eye contour area is refreshed and revitalized. 40 minutes​, Stand alone treatment $49;  add-on to any facial $45 


Bikini Line (outside panty line)                                        $35

Full Bikini (all or most of Front; Backside not included   $45

Brazillian (can go completely bare, Front/Back)             $49

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Half Leg (Includes Knee)      

Full Leg (Includes Toes)       

Half Arm                               

Full Arm                                

Stomach Strip                       

Full Stomach (Women)         

Full Stomach (Men)              

​Stomach and Chest (Men)   

Back (Women)                      

Back (Men)                           

Half Back                              


Full Butt (Women)

Full Butt (Men)             


TUE:    10:00-8:00
WED:   10:00-5:00
THUR: 10:00-8:00
FRI:     10:00-8:00
SAT:    10:00-8:00


Aqua Phyt's Hydration Treatment/Facial

​​A real treat to quench your skin's thirst. Your skin is replenished and your senses are re-awakened. The facial begins with a refreshing, cleansing, and exfoliating care followed by a delightful facial massage and regenerating Peppermint and Palmarosa. Enjoy complete relaxation with the application of a peel off mask that allows the skin to benefit from the Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. Finally your skin is protected and balanced thanks to the AQUA PHYT'S Fluide or Crème, depending on your skin needs. . 75 minutes​ $95